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August 1, 2022

Welcome to our blog where we will discuss and give advice on many topics dealing with lawn care and gardening. We are so excited to bring our knowledge and expertise to the world and teach the art of having a green thumb. We will discuss Vegetables planting and plant health. We will also discuss herbs that will help you along the way health wise. I hope you all enjoy and we hope the energy is high and the love for plants is real because we are coming at you all with a ton of information daily. 

Our Second Blog Entry


Do you know what time it is? Fall. time and you know the best thing about fall time it is the best time of the year to prep your lawn for the harsh winter and give your lawn a little more TLC with a good aeration and a good seeding. The good thing about aeartion is that it gives your lawn a chance to breath and get those nutrients back in it by overseedng the lawn and giving it a proper balance of water and maybe some fresh lawn soil would do any lawn some good especially after a long hot summer. Lets get to it people. Happy fall guys. 

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